About the Student Calculator

The Student Calculator is a tool to help current or prospective university students work out how much money they will have at university, and how much they will need.

  • Answer a few simple questions to get an estimate of your student finance entitlements
  • Record your income and spending by year, month or week to find your overall balance
  • Get tips and advice on saving money, applying for student finance, part-time work and much more
  • Read case studies of students from a variety of backgrounds to find out what university life is really like.

Customised Calculators

For universities and other organisations working with students, we can create a customised version of the Student Calculator to fit your needs.

  • Add custom steps and entitlements, allowing students to find out about bursaries and scholarships at your institution.
  • Customise the look and feel of the calculator to match your brand
  • Give current or prospective students more detailed information about local rent and living costs
  • Use custom case studies to show students what life is really like at your university, or for the target groups you work with

To enquire about customising the calculator, contact suzanne.guiver@thebrightsidetrust.org