Money from the government to help if you are on a low income, have children, are disabled or otherwise need financial support.

Who can receive it?


Most full-time students can't receive benefits, but you will probably be able to claim if you are a lone parent or if your partner is also a student. Disabled students are also likely to be able to claim. Students who can claim can only access Jobseeker's Allowance during the summer holiday, or if they are waiting to go back to their course after they have had to take a break. If you do qualify, some of your student finance will be counted as income when working out what support you can get. The government provides a list of which student finance counts as income. Being a part-time student doesn't affect your right to claim benefits, but your student finance might still affect what you are entitled to. For more information on how benefits work for students, see the NUS. Benefits are available for these situations:

  • you're on a low income (employed or looking for work)
  • you have dependent children
  • you're ill or disabled
  • you're caring for someone
  • you're aged 60 or over
  • you have been bereaved
  • you're pgnant or have recently had a baby
Your university's Student Services can help you to work out how benefits fit your situation.


When to apply and when you receive it


Benefits are not part of the student finance system, so you can apply at any time. You will be paid monthly, fortnightly or weekly.