Childcare Grant



Money to help pay for childcare while you study. The amount you can get depends on your childcare needs and your income, but it could cover up to 85% of your childcare costs.


Who can receive it?


Students doing their first full-time higher education course. Whether you receive it and how much you can get depends on your household income, how many children you have and your actual childcare costs. You must have lived in the UK for three years before studying. You can’t receive both the Childcare Grant and the childcare element of Working Tax Credits, but you can choose which to receive.

When to apply and when you receive it


Apply as soon as possible to make sure you receive the money on time. The grant is paid termly, along with your other student finance.

How to apply


Along with your main Student Finance application, you will need to fill in a Childcare Grant application form. You will need to provide an estimate of your costs, and then get your childcare provider complete a form three times a year to confirm your childcare costs.

It's important to complete these forms carefully and make sure that you send in your form confirming your costs (the CCG2 form). If you don't do this, the money you are paid might be taken back out of your student finance for future years.

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