Disabled Students' Allowance



A grant to cover the extra costs of studying with a disability. This isn’t means tested: whatever your income, you can claim back costs for things like specialist equipment or helpers like note-takers. You can claim up to £5,358 for equipment over your entire course, and up to £21,305 a year for non-medical helpers. There is also a general allowance of £1,790.

Who can receive it?


Full-time students, or part-time students whose course lasts for at least a year and takes no more than twice as long as the equivalent part time course. Part-time students will receive a smaller allowance for helpers and a smaller general allowance.

When to apply and when you receive it


You can apply for the Allowance along with your other student finance in the year before you start your course. Apply as early as possible to make sure you get your finance in time. You have to visit an Assessment Centre to determine how much funding you need, so leave plenty of time – don’t wait to be accepted on your course before applying. The Allowance is usually paid directly to the providers of support, such as the specialist helpers. The details will depend on individual circumstances, so you will be sent a letter giving more information once your Allowance is confirmed.

How to apply


You can get an application form from Student Finance England. If you are applying for other funding (eg. the tuition fee loan) there is a shorter form, as some of the information needed is provided in the main finance application. You’ll need to provide proof of your disability, and later you’ll have to visit an Assessment Centre to determine how much support you need. If you are being funded by the NHS, you will need to apply to the NHS grants unit rather than through Student Finance England.

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