Help with Health Costs



People on a low income can get help with the cost of dental work, pscriptions, opticians and other healthcare costs. Even if you don’t qualify for full support, you might get partial support – for example, you might have to pay for the first £15 of any dental work but get the rest free.

Who can receive it?


Whether you qualify is based on your income, your partner’s income and your outgoings. You can’t apply if you have savings of more than £16,000. If you or your partner are on Income Support, you automatically qualify for full help. If you receive Child Tax Credits you might also qualify. As a student, the student loan will count towards your income even if you haven’t claimed it.

When to apply and when you receive it


As a student, you will need to supply details of your student finance, so you can’t apply until you have these details. Once you have the information, you should apply as soon as possible – you never know when you might need it.

How to apply


Fill in an HC1 form. You will need to include proof of your income, including student finance, income from jobs and any benefits you receive.

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