Maintenance loan




A loan to help cover your living costs.The amount depends on where you live when you study (at the parental home, away from home in London or elsewhere).

You could also be assessed for a larger loan if you disclose your annual income. (This is called ‘income assessment'.) You don’t have to pay the loan back until you have graduated and are earning over £21,000 per year if you started in 2012 or later, or over £15,000 per year if you started before that.

Who can receive it?


Students doing their first full-time higher education undergraduate course. You can apply whatever your income, but the amount you can borrow depends on your income. You must have lived in the UK for three years before studying.

Students doing a NHS-funded course at degree level can apply for a set rate of maintenance loan alongside their income-assessed NHS Bursary.

If you receive the Maintenance Grant, the amount of Maintenance Loan you receive will be reduced. You will still receive more money overall, but you will have less to repay.

When to apply and when you receive it


You should apply for this loan along with your other student finance in the year before you start your course. Apply as early as possible to make sure you get your finance in time.

Your loan will be paid in three instalments, one at the start of each term. The first instalment will only be paid once you have arrived at university and registered.

How to apply


You can apply online through the Student Finance England website, or send them a paper form. You can apply for the maintenance loan, the tuition fee loan, the maintenance grant and additional grants like the Parents Learning Allowance with the same form.

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