NHS Bursary



Money from the NHS for students on health professional training courses, such as nursing and midwifery. Exactly what you can get depends on whether you are studying for a diploma or a degree. Students who qualify for the Bursary can also apply for a Childcare Allowance, Parents Learning Allowance and Dependants Grant through the NHS.

Who can receive it?


Diploma students are eligible for a bursary whatever their income. The amount is based on where you are studying. Diploma students cannot get the Maintenance Loan as well. For degree students, the bursary is income-assessed and you can also apply for the Maintenance Loan. For all students, the other allowances depend on your income and circumstances.

When to apply and when you receive it


Apply after you get the results of your Student Finanace application. The bursary is paid straight into your bank account in three lump sums, one at the start of each term.

How to apply


You might be sent an application form when you are offered a place on an eligible course. You can also get a form from the NHS bursaries website. You will need to provide proof of identity. Even if you don’t want to receive the Maintenance Loan or Maintenance Grant you still have to send a Student Finance application. This is because the NHS uses the result of your application to decide whether you can get the bursary.

You could also get...


  • Maintenance loan
  • Maintenance grant

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The Calculator can't yet estimate how much NHS bursary you receive. However, you can get an estimate from the NHS Bursary Calculator.