University bursaries and scholarships



Money from your university which does not have to be repaid. There are lots of reasons these might be given:

  • Financial need: For example, all students who get the full maintenance grant will get a bursary from their university
  • Background: Some universities offer scholarships for local students, or students who applied through an Access to Higher Education programme
  • Achievement: Many universities give scholarships for good A-level grades, or for good results in your first year exams
  • Subject: Many universities offer scholarships for “priority subjects” – usually things like sciences, engineering and mathematics.
  • These aren’t the only bursaries and scholarships that might be available, so check your university website or get in touch with the Student Services department.


    Who can receive it?


    Every university provides a different range of bursaries and scholarships. It’s worth doing your research – look at the university website, or the web pages for the faculty/subject area to see if there is any extra help available. Information is often hard to find, so you could also check with someone in the University Student Services department.

    When to apply and when you receive it


    If you agree, the information from your student finance application will be passed on to your university and they will automatically assess you for some of the available bursaries. Other bursaries and scholarships will vary from institution to institution, so ask your student services department to find out what is available.